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The time when most people sleep, but also get drunk, have sex, have parties, playing video games, finishing last minute work, and really not sleep. Not much different from daytime, people wise
Jake:Whatcha do last night?
Jack:Uhh... "Sleep"
Last Night...
Oh yeah, do it you slut!
by Controlfreak October 26, 2014
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When something is better than good, when something is better than great, when something is better than gucci.
Person 1: I got laid!
Person 2: Thats gucci-rrific!
by Controlfreak January 11, 2018
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A funny looking narrow-minded redneck with no chin.
"Dont be a narrow neck" unable to learn or grasp new concepts, unfriendly and ignorant.
Someone who thinks they know it all and cannot be told anything new. Someone who likes to talk about themselves alot, tells the same sad stories over and over and loves the sound of their own voice.
by Controlfreak October 1, 2007
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too much spicyness on something.

Or when someone shits on your pizza.
They put a pound of pepper on my pizza!
by Controlfreak June 12, 2017
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A cellphone(usually flat and with a touchscreen) which is basically a small, less powerful computer that can fit in your pocket. Used for things like the Internet and for work but also for entertainment in apps such as "Angry Birds" or "Candy Crush"
Jake: Where were you yesterday?
Jack:Uhhh...the gym
*on smartphone*DAMN YOU GREEN PIGS!
by Controlfreak October 26, 2014
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Used in the same way "Hooray!" but in a more sarcastic tone, used to (sarcastically) celebrate mediocre acheivments.
Jake: I made myself a sandwich yesterday.
Jack: Whoop de doo
by Controlfreak October 26, 2014
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