When someone makes a racist joke and you get triggered
by this is really long name October 11, 2016
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To steal, to pilfer, to blatantly thief something from someone/something. Usually used in the past tense.
Has is a fucking bitch, he niggered my last donut.

Yeah, Jack niggered that snickers from right under the shopkeep's nose.

Can you pick me up? Some asshole niggered my car last night.
by Super_Pope March 31, 2005
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To be cheated or treated unjustly. Also see Niggering
I just got niggered out of my lunch money.
That guy just niggered me into buying these stolen movies.
by D. C. Chesterholme January 31, 2008
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Past tense of the word 'nigger (to steal)'
To have been stolen from. The stealing doesn't necessarily have to been done by a black person, white people have been known to 'nigger' "a lot" more.
"My car, just got 'niggered'"
by "Dudley" Do-Right May 25, 2007
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Being in such a state of extreme drunkenness or so drug affected that you are no longer in control of your actions. A common and valid excuse for acting like a complete cunt.
Man, Drew was so niggered last night, he threw up all over himself.
by laverypl September 19, 2009
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Used when consuming excessive amounts of mind altering drugs, alcohol, or marijuana. It is used when "fucked up" and "wasted" are no longer fitting adjectives/adverbs.
Damn dog, I smoked so much weed I can't move. I must be niggered man.

That fucking lush, he has puked twice and is still drinking. He's so niggered he is now pissing his pants.
by listen to me dammit November 09, 2008
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You're niggered, when something bad happens to you.
Similar to 'being fucked'.
Jake wanted to show off his new car, but it spun out of control and crashed!
He was niggered!

Bruce knew someone niggered him, when he found there was shit in his sandwich.

OJ tried to be nice to this beautiful lady,

Turned out she was the wife of a VIP.
He knew immediately, he would be niggered!

Pole dancer Patty's pole broke!

Someone had cut it off, to cause an accident
She realized she was niggered by someone!
by Fukaface! September 26, 2020
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