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When fuck things up so bad that you can't figure out WTF you did. Then get frustrated with world!
Damn I have been Nigeled and Now I hate you.
by Captain tickler August 30, 2017
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To be Nigeled signifies the state induced by drinking alcoholic beverages from 10 am until 10 am the next day whilst having sex with at least 12 females within that short time frame.
"Oh mate, I went to tape last night and got absolutely nigeled "
"How many females did you have a sexual intercourse with that night ?”
"Not sure, I believe 34"
" Nice, you were indeed nigeled "
by BTC_Nigel October 25, 2018
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Being nigeled is when someone replaces someone's or something's head with that of Nigel.
by RomanticComunist December 29, 2015
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