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The only place in the entire world where kids got to leave school early to watch the 2006 Olympic curling game. Also the only place where people actually watched the 2006 Olympic curling game at all.
Newfoundland sure likes curling.
by Curlbacca May 07, 2006

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Discrimination based on race or colour (a.k.a complete and utter ignorance)
Why have so many people given these racism definitions thumbs down?
by Curlbacca July 04, 2006

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A 30-something year-old man who relies on the internet and a 12-18 year old following of American teenagers, many of which enjoy urbandictionary.com, to get his ridiculous messages across. Although many of his views on politics and trivial issues such as ringtones are true to a certain extent, most of his arguments comprise of sexist remarks and/or substantial amounts of profanity, as opposed to logic.
Did you read that update Maddox just posted?

Yea, it was funny as hell!!!111Lolz0r!!!!. I especially liked the part where he told the guy to fuck off. I didn't understand its implications, though.
by Curlbacca June 30, 2006

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A form of government in which class divisions, possessions, and privately owned property are eliminated. Essentially, everybody is considered equal and issues such as class divisions and poverty are solved. Although the ideal of communism is an excellent idea, it does not work. Wealth is divided up amongst the people, meaning everybody ends up being poor. In addition, communist governments are often run by corrupt politicians such as Stalin, making a small group of people very rich and everybody else poor.

In short, EVERYBODY ENDS UP BEING EQUAL, but in most cases this is EQUALLY POOR AND MISERABLE, and sometimes, people end up being MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS, which does not make sense.
Setting up Communism seemed like a good idea at the time, but a hangover was soon to follow.
by Curlbacca July 25, 2006

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Like lawn bowling, except colder, lamer, more boring, and about 2000 dollars more expensive
I told my girlfriend that i liked curling, and that is why she left me
by Curlbacca May 07, 2006

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A person who does not believe in God, or religion for that matter. Unfortunately, many atheists ridicule and insult other religions, even though they could simply accept other people's beliefs and respect them. For example, many people on the internet are atheists and bash other religions mercilessly, feeling that being an atheist is intelligent and makes them better than people who believe in religion. These atheists can often be found on internet forums, insulting other people.
(on an internet forum)

Person: "Yea, I thought Adam Sandler was pretty funny in taht movie."

Angry Atheist: "You actually think Adam Sandler is funny? Ha! You stupid conformist... You must be a Christian... Oh, and by the way, learn how to spell 'that', dumbass."

by Curlbacca July 23, 2006

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