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The boys in white who come for you when you're too crazy to integrate safely with the common populace.
"Dude, did you hear about Billy?"
"No, man, what happened?"
"Took him off to the loony bin. Damn white coats came for him yesterday."
by ShiftyWizard June 16, 2015
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"White-coats" are all the specialist doctors you hate going to see because you just know instinctively there is nothing wrong with you - but that the white coats are going to insist on taking gallons of blood off you, and prod you and stick you in noisy machines that give you as headache.
"And after that, it then will be mum carting me off to yet another white-coat, who will prod me around while I’m semi-naked, take litres of blood off me, mutter a lot, and will then prescribe pills to take each day, to calm me down!"
by mimbijones February 15, 2016
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it is like a pearl necklace, but the semen is applied to the female's entire body, as opposed to just her neck
That thirsty bitch loves it when i give her a white coat
by BSizzle July 21, 2006
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Mostly doctors, but also Security officers, and other employees working in a psychiatric hospital.
"If I act crazy every day, the men in white coats will take me away"
by P2C August 15, 2011
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1)Fear of going to the doctor or dentist.
2)High blood pressure due to anxiety about surgery or dental work.
The dentist couldn't pull my wisdom teeth today because my blood pressure was too high. Could be due to White Coat Fever.
I can't make my appointment today because I have White Coat Fever. I'll have to reschedule.
by Beewea October 8, 2010
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before you start med school you have a ceremony to get your first white coat
hey dude are you coming to my white coat ceremony?
by March 22, 2022
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