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Newfoundland is an island of the east coast of Canada, possibly the best place on earth. contrary to popular belief there is no inbreeding what so ever. as a matter of fact, Newfoundland has the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet. Newfoundlanders are smart, hard working, funny, and like nothing more than to have a good drink after a long weeks work. A.K.A PARTY THEIR ASSES OFF! Newfoundland has put out such comedians as Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh and Cathy Jones. They are possibly the nicest people in the world. Sure the weather sucks, but obviously who ever actually cant take it is a pansy ass. All to the point of this guy " notnuffie " who obviously is a huge ass hole and thinks that Newfoundland is a shit hole well news for you dick head...they're amazing people, and just by seeing what you wrote, id rather die than have a conversation with you . The Seal Hunt for Newfoundlanders is a way of life, it keeps people going and has been a source of food, and profit for over 100 years...and up until the 90's they cought a load of fish, and are still working hard to contribute to the worlds oil supply.

Basics, Newfoundland is beautiful, amazing and arguably the funnest place on earth. and a lot of them are very proud and will gladly kick someones ass any day to fight for it.
Man i just got back from Newfoundland, that place kicks ass!
by dudeson April 16, 2008

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