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Comes from archaic Russian langauge- roughly translating into "formidable".

Ivan the Terrible is known in Russian as Ivan Grozny. Terrible being attached to him later, probably because he used to have his opponents and subjects raped to death, fed live to savage dogs or he had wild bears released into crowds of women and children.

Moving on, it is also the name of the capital city of the Russian region of Chechnya in the north Caucasus region of the Russian Federation. A place of conflict for some two hundred years, two recent wars have ruined the country; where the Russian military, or the imported Islamic extremists ( Saudi born Amir Khattab- resonsible for attempted genocide in Dagestan) who lead the rebel movement do not have a monopoly on atrocities. Both sides are locked in a futile and savage conflict. The people are kicked around like shit in the middle.
by Steve March 25, 2004
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Capital city of rebellious Russian republic of Chechnya, currently fighting for independence (2003).
"I pounded this chick more times than Grozny last night."
by U.S. Census Board April 23, 2003
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A city the Russians built but the Chechens prefer to forget about that.
I think ill go someplace friendlier, like beautiful downtown grozny!
-Krusty the Clown
by the truth August 18, 2003
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Capital of Chechnya People full Of Chechens now reduced to half by putin and his army.
Capital of Chechnya is Grozny. Chechens place is Chechnya. Grozny is their main city also it was the city where russians invaded the chechens and then it was called First?Second? Russia-Chechnya war
by Chirkeva May 24, 2008
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Ivan the Terrible was a very messed up person, but his people followed him no matter what. Probably out of fear. Many of his followers dubbed him "Grozny" which some have translated to mean "the Terrible" but actually means "the Awesome."
"Yeah man, that dude was all up in his face until the other dude went all grozny"

You can pretty much use the word however you feel like. It can be used to convey something horrible happening, like raping or pillaging in the 1500's, or being awesome in the 21st century. It's a very versatile word.
by Beau L. March 08, 2007
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islam islam islam, grozny is capital in chechnya, chechnya is place to islam and islam alikes "la ila ill allah" ; you barely see russian christian being kia in chechnya or grozny. again for ivan the terrible "la ila ill allah"
russians in grozny don't like them at all of chechnya !!!!!!! ;)also ; teh place where chechens rape by russians.
by been there dont that May 28, 2008
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