Acronym for Portable Network Graphics, which is a bitmap image format that uses lossless data compression.

PNG was created in an effort to improve upon and replace the more common, as of its creation, GIF format. PNG, or "pings", have the advantage of not requiring a patent license, being platform independent, and being able to display more than 256 colors.

One of the biggest detractors is that the PNG format does not natively support animation all though efforts are underway such as APNG and MPG.

All though PNG is officially pronounced as "ping", the acronym form, "pee-en-gee", is often used to avoid confusion with the ping networking tool/command.
Here at the newspaper, we are able to utilize images in PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, and other formats.
by Enser, N. G. December 01, 2006
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The place where all the best schools are, pretty much the most bad-ass area in Southeast Texas. They went undefeated 2009 foorball season. Its the home of

Jane: " I wish our school was awesome."

Harry: " You mean like PNG!?"
by PNGluver June 12, 2010
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"That girl said she liked me but I saw her walking with Rico earlier today."
"Yooo PNG! Cuff that mama!"
by cenation January 15, 2015
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Proper Naughty Geezer, A group formed in north west London that throw coins at each other to prove themselves.
Mate, you took that coin to the head like a PNG
by pwoper norty giezar October 08, 2010
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Persona non grata - an unwelcome person
I messed up with the sister in law. I guess I'm PNG!
by pwb July 11, 2006
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