A state in balance between law, chaos, good, and evil
I am neutral, high above moral debate.
by Gareth Klieber April 23, 2006
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This just means that you are at an uncertain point in your life... You don't want to be involved (sexually, romanticly) with males or females... you just want to be left alone! (like in NEUTRAL mode)
Even though she doesn't like boys, she isn't gay... she's more neutral.
by Shan December 17, 2003
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"Getting back to neutral"

The act of getting yourself back together after a night of a lot of drinking, competing in a sport game, or after long hours of manual labor. Done usually with the help of aspirin, shower, brushing your teeth and eating food.
Person 1: Hey, you want to do something later?
Person 2: Yeah, I just gotta go home and get back to neutral first.
by Theo Pepperwater January 31, 2010
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Not getting into any conflict, staying between two sides. For another example, see Switzerland.
Did you see the Prime Minister of Switzerland's new press conference?

Yeah, staying Neutral as always...
by In My Defense... September 18, 2017
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Someone is truly neutral never allows their opinions and biases to override their actions. They are often very logical , chilled, and philosophical ( unlike those who choose an allegiance in he shit show that is American politics like liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans). They are not hyped up by the demagogues (like Clinton and Trump). Neutrals accept that modern politics is complete bullshit, but they are often bullied by liberals and conservatives since liberals and conservatives see the world in basic and simple mined lenses. Neutrals try to think about the world.
Politically neutral people are hard to come across in the modern era.
by Caye_Daws November 9, 2018
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#1:”This,or this?”
#2:”I can’t decide?! uhh,Neutral?”
by CrayonEater4259 January 19, 2019
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Neutral- it’s another word for normal, it’s neutral to feel pain which suggests that it’s normal to feel pain
it’s neutral to feel pain which suggests that it’s normal to feel pain
by DeathxDeath July 15, 2018
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