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The fabled day in which the developers of this site GET OFF THEIR ASSES and delete all the useless and ridiculous words (including the one you are reading right now) and improve the security of this site so much that dumb-asses with low intelligence would no longer post their random and over sexual words. This is a day which will never come, but it is helpful to think about.
I just hope the purge will block the idiots from posting. Make Urban Dictionary the way it was supposed to be.
by Caye_Daws August 24, 2018
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A general term used to describe the piss poor priorities of upper/middle class citizens in developed countries, as they complain more about ridiculous over exaggerated bullshit (like marriage, where to eat, how to eat, getting their clothes messy) than actually trying to solve any of the real issues in the world like debt, starvation, corrupt governments, equality, diseases, poverty, etc.
Examples of White People Problems vs actual issues:
Average American Citizen:
"OMFG I Got grass stains on my white shoes! These are unwearable! I can't walk out in public like this!"

(He then throws the shoes away)
Homeless person who does not have shoes :"What the fuck are you bitching about"

White people issues in the royal family:
Prince: "Bloody mary, I need to find a woman, if I do not then the entire government will fall" (he then finds one and broadcasts the shit to the media)
Refugee Who escaped from a corrupt middle-eastern regime: "What the fuck are you bitching about?"

Another example is the Trump campaign.
by Caye_Daws August 30, 2018
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The majority if the internet is found here. This can easily be accessed by using the Tor browser and unlike what most people sag, this is not run by "evil cults", " pedophiles" or homicidal maniac. The reputation is an example of how much power the government has as people believe that without laws people have no morals, which is equally bullshit as one who bases their morality off of the bible or quaron. The deep web is where the dankest an most most edgy of us lie, also there is actually a fully operating fixed version of YouTube here. If you really follow the laws because of surveillance and fear if punishment then you are one pussy ass bitch who lacks a moral compass. Be a good person for the sake of a good person, do not let the government determine YOUR modality. Tor is the Ring of Gyges, wear it as a moral example of humanity. The people control the deep web, and if evil is found here then the people get rid of it, for example most people on the deep web do not want drug deals or child porn on the web, and they will take down those sites when needed. The deep web is here because the main web failed when it succumbed to marketing and surveillance.
You can not find mystery boxes on the deep web, those YouTube videos are bullshit. The YouTube channel called "chills" is also bullshit.
by Caye_Daws December 19, 2018
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The euphemism us white normally use out of respect and acceptance of the African american culture. The word (out of respect I shall not type) , originated from America's old times to when slaves were prevalent and eventually became an honorable tribute to those oppressed during such times. This was the word whites used for the African-Americans, but as time went on it became a greeting from one black to another. When they accepted the word, it not only redefined the word, it was also symbolic to how they took the minimal things whites gave them (insults) and made them much greater. The euphemism is used mostly for the respect for the harsh history of blacks, but other white refused to think deeper about the word's importance to the black culture and questioned why it is socially wrong for them to use the word, though every time the whites used the word were either in response to being told not to say it or just as insults, while the blacks used it as greeting. I, as a white man, respect and honor the word and it's history with the United States and thus I understand the difference of who's mouth the word came from.
Some White People Hate The N-Word in general because they are too racist, bigoted, and ignorant to even examine it's history and why it is insanely offensive for them to say the full word. These bigots are often the ones bitching about being forced to be "politically correct" or that it is a "double standard."
by Caye_Daws August 14, 2018
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G1 stands for generation 1 for the Transformers lore which stands for the G1 continuity family which consists of the 1980s cartoon, the original marvel comics, the g2 comic, the g1 Dreamwave comics, and the IDW comics People who do not know how lore works will incorrectly use the tern "gen 1" which is specifically for the pokemon fandom, so next time you say Gen 1 for Transformers please swallow a bullet. Booty
by Caye_Daws December 27, 2018
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Any "indie" game that makes countless unoriginal sequels each having the same poor controls and plot. The fan base (which is just the migration of those from the Sonic fan base) often justifies these piles of shit by referring to the even shittier and far fetched theories of what the fuck the games are about.
Five Nights At Freddy's is what happens when people get too old for sanic and whinecwaft or they are just insecure emo kids in high school.
by Caye_Daws August 6, 2018
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One of the worst possible things any one can go through when they are sick. Warning: May include graphic imagery.
This is when one has both a cold and constipation, with the addition of being very weak. You attempt to take a shit but you push so hard that you actually vomit on your floor and pants. Because you are so weak from pushing you can not move a lot so you take up a temporary home on the couch nearest to your bathroom. Your breath now smells like vomit and it feels as if your digestive system is going to explode but because you are so weak you can barely do anything. Even if you talk there is a high chance of throwing up again. To make it worse you are also over heating, so you can not cuddle in a blanket, the light is burning you eyes, and though you are tired you are also unable to go to sleep. Oh, and you also have a headache.
This normally lasts only a day or two but when it is happening it, feels like +30 years. My suggestion is turning on a peaceful movie, pouring your self some lemonade (to burn the taste away) and having a small fan blowing you. Do not turn on any light or even your tv or even music. Just lay there in (thin shorts or boxers) thinking about what you could have done with your life because it feels like death in laying beside you (or inside your intestines) and hope you do not fall asleep and choke on your vomit.
When a pushover occurs, you would rather die because that is what it feels like. Anyone who has experience a push over has severe PTSD flash backs whenever they even hear the word "cold" and they feel the total opposite of nostalgia when they read my definition.
by Caye_Daws August 8, 2018
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