When a perfectly good show or series with excellent character arcs and development suddenly introduces new characters with no purpose other than to satisfy SJW's.
The first 3 seasons were amazing storytelling, but it got Netflixed in the 4th.
by Bionomicon February 3, 2021
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to be taken advantage of or swindled out of money otherwise.
That used car dealer really netflixed you on that piece-of-junk car you got.
by hydro-trip October 25, 2011
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The act or completion of watching a movie from Netflix, either on-line or via mail.
"I just Netflixed a movie that I will watch over and over again."
by Carmelitatime January 7, 2010
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When someone abruptly changes the topic of conversation as it's winding down to start a new round of discussion, or before a participant can finish a point. One party is looking to conclude the conversation and move on with their lives, while the other is looking to engage in binge-levels of discussion because they have no other commitments and are most likely hungover.
Sorry I'm so late to your piano rehearsal. I was trying to leave the office but I kept getting Netflixed by Steve.

You got Netflixed (said to someone unable to finish a point)
by RundyMC August 22, 2015
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Friend: Dude you should move out of your mom's basement.
Me: But she pays for my netflix.
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A condition in which the afflicted person doesn't watch any programming that isn't on the video-on-demand service Netflix to the exclusion of all other video-on-demand services.

This could be due to economical reasons or simply a personal preference.
Alex is Netflixated; if it's not on Netflix, Alex won't watch it so don't even bother suggesting it!

Unaffected Person: Did you see (insert the name of the show)?
Netflixated Person: Is it on Netflix?

I get so frustrated with people who are Netflixated because they can't discuss anything that isn't on Netflix!

Don't talk about (insert name of show) or you'll spoil it for me because I'm Netflixated and I've only seen seasons 1-4 since that's all Netflix has.

Unaffected Person: Thanks for recommending (insert name of obscure show)--I loved it! How did you find it?
Netflixated Person: Oh, no problem. I'm Netflixated and know about all kinds of interesting programs deep in the bowels of Netflix.
by TeaInTheMoment February 24, 2018
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