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When you get so angry, you summon the demon known as your period. This, in return, makes you more angry so you lose your cool in Walmart, and then a Walmart employee apologizes for your shitty day. To avoid the anger bleeds, smoke a fuckton of weed.
Rae: I was so pissed that I started my period

Brooke:you done got the anger bleeds.

Rae:Hold me
by Rae$ April 6, 2017
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The cringeworthy action someone takes when they believe their life is cooler than it really is.
Leah:"Yeah, I was really digging that guy"

Rae:"What happend?!"

Leah:"Facebook Live.."

by Rae$ December 29, 2016
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When you're having sex with a guy and you randomly sing "Jason Derulo" loud enough for your roommate to hear so she doesn't feel lonely. Singing Jason Derulo's name also confuses the said sex partner into automatic orgasm.
Brooke : "I Derulo'd him so hard last night"

Rae:"I know, thank you for thinking of me. Glad you got some, though."
by Rae$ December 21, 2016
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A mole that sticks off of the skin that looks as thought it will just "roll" off of the person if someone gently massages the mole in a circular motion. Roll moles are very unattractive, and tend to appear on old people- especially in the neck area. Roll moles are a distant relative to skin tags.
Person 1: "Did you see that roll mole on that bitch?"

Person 2: "Yeah, man. It seriously looks like it is going to just roll off of her neck!"

Person 1: "For real! You couldn't pay me enough to massage that shit!"
by Rae$ December 11, 2016
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Someone addicted to playing with their own nipples
Sally "My nips are rubbed raw and bleeding"

Tina "I'm telling you, girl. I think you're a nipaholic"

Sally "Maybe I should find a support group..."
by Rae$ September 7, 2013
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The perfect opportunity to poop with little effort. In other words, the body and mind's optimal time to release a demon. Once missed, said demon retreats, solidifies, and cements itself in your lower intestine until the next pooportunity.
Chad:"I had the perfect pooportunity, but I passed it up because I'm too self-conscious to shit in the middle of a parking lot"

Bruce: "Man, you done fucked up. That sweet shit baby demon lives inside you now."

Chad:"My tummy hurts"
by Rae$ December 12, 2016
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When someone sharts in excitement while eating tacos.
Brooke:"Dude, you look uncomfortable.."

A.J. : "I had a brown moment.."
by Rae$ February 16, 2017
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