a person of surprising intellect who would rather invest time in the pursuit of knowledge rather than relationships

not to be confused with any of the following:

dork: someone lacking poise or social grace

geek: someone with extensive trivial knowledge, esp. that of science-fiction or fantasy

wimp: someone of extremely lacking strength and stamina

wuss: someone easily intimidated or subdued by fear

jerk: someone cruel and inconsiderate of others
Lucas, with his pocket protector and obsessive study habits, is a complete nerd.
by Shane Hart February 02, 2009
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people who are smart, especially in the ways of computer science and math. They are not necessary ugly, socially retarded, or unathletic, though most people believe that they are.
im a nerd who is sexy, popular, and athletic.
by chinksta March 09, 2005
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A socially inept teenager who half the school (especially the popular kids) end up working for.
Jock: Haha he's a nerd <pushes nerd into trashcan>

20 years later....
Nerd: Jocky, I need that <insert some work-related thing here>
Jock: Yes, boss
by I'mANerd August 31, 2007
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A nerd is an interesting sort of idea. To some, the idea comes simply: glasses, nasal, scratchy voice. Inhalers, pocket protectors. Whatever the hell.
I think a nerd is something else. Someone who has a large IQ, sure. But doesn't act that way. A nerd is a person who plays video games, spend their money on new releases and Trading Card Games. Ones who, online, are actually, well, literate. A nerd can be extremely annoying or really cool. Depending on your point of view. And hey, since they have a non existant life, they have all the time to talk to you. One more thing: Nerds like to trash talk a lot of things behind your backs. Rap, emo, goths.. Whatever is around the bend.
Face it. Nerds whoop your butt. Not only are they smart, but they can have you on your butt crying when it comes to the infamous XBox queen. Halo.
by Daddy August 02, 2004
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A name given by lazy buggers in a class to those who take education seriously.
Don’t worry mate, he’s a nerd. He’ll bring his assignment on the date.
by Kylei May 29, 2005
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a Nerd i someone who is basically scrutinised for thier intelligence, by the mindless idiots (you may know them as townies, neds or whatever)
the plain truth is that it is these people that make the world work, they run the show, and what they do is taken for granted. without the nerd there is no NASA, no rocket, no satellite TV. why is noone thankfull for this?
1# lo. u cumin to the lan party later?
2# yeah, i would nt miss that!
shall i bring my coilgun?....
by equinox_omega May 22, 2004
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I`m a Nerd myself because i am very intelligent which is exactly why people always oppress,harass and refuse me.And why?Because they are envious and they claim my ideas are too complex.
by Omar Afifi March 14, 2007
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