1. To show exasperation, of course.

2. A sign of infatuation in girls
1. Kate: can we talk

Jake: no, I'm too busy

Kate: *sigh*


Jess: *sighing*, he's the ideal man.
by Lavynia February 6, 2014
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Used in online conversations to express frustration
-x-Jaimie-x-: *sigh* i hate this game
by XxJaimiexX April 18, 2007
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Loud sigh (release of air) to get other people to notice you are depressed, tired, bored or over worked.
Gee that's the 300th time today Martin has done the sigh.. poor bloke
by archie85 July 1, 2013
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A Silent Scream from deep within.
Feeling at wits end, she let out a sigh.
by cindi g. August 26, 2007
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intentional, vocal sighing done by one coworker passing another coworker's desk. Used to initiate a tedious conversation about themselves.
Geraldine is coming down the hall for another Sigh By.
by SCNYC January 13, 2011
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when your feeling really edgy say "siGh"always make sure the g is uppercase
"siGh How are these people my friends"
by kurly-senpai December 3, 2020
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(v.) To exhale depressedly.
(n.) The sound of above. 2. The sound of people having sex.
Their sighs gradually crescendoed until she was screaming as she rode up and down his cock harder and harder.

*Sigh* I'm broke.

He sighed as the leaves fell on his head.
by papermachete November 2, 2005
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