Gets lost often, doesn´t care who bosses him around, he´s got sass, a daredevil for touching a butt, gets all the ladies, almost known as a player.
guy 1: want to go to an after-party with me?
guy 2: Nah bro, i got laid. i just met her. i got invited to her house, but im still havin trouble with where she lives..
guy 1: just met her? dude, don´t get lost and stay outta trouble, cuz if you´re in jail, im not bailing you out. Don´t be such a Nemo.
by the bubble master February 14, 2014
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Non-Ejaculatory Mutiple Orgasms
Hey Captain N.E.M.O. how was that.

by nick May 14, 2005
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a slushie sold out of such places as bodegas and laundry matts, comprised of slushie, alchohaul, promethazine, liquid codeine, ecstacy, other various substances. sold in 5 cups, 10 cups, half gallons and gallons. analagous to lean, sizzurp, nutcrackers
hey baby lets split a 10cup of nemo and fuck.

Yo lets roll over to wash heights and cop some fuckin NEEEEMMMOOOSS
by j web November 20, 2007
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An accidental, loud, and clumsy movement.

Origin: My uncle, who was referred to as "Nemo" would make these sudden and abrupt movements which would usually knock something over. The sound was so loud and startling that everyone nearby would freeze or cringe in great fright.
I'm having dinner at a friendly gathering and reaching for my fork I accidentally knock over someone's drink. Anonymous response from someone at the table: "yo, that was a 'Nemo' right there"...how many 'Nemos' is that for you today?" Pay attention to what you are doing!
by urbanmanmh612 September 16, 2013
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when you get a girl to bend over and grab her ankles and you flick her in the butthole.
i nemoed this girl last night when she wasnt expecting it.
by unexpected error May 04, 2006
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Means the same as emo. Usually used by moms.
Mom: Wow hon, you sure look nemo today.
Cass: Nemo?
Mom: You know nemotional people who cut and wear dark clothes?
Cass: Don't you mean emo?
Mom: No! Nemo.
by lvvrgrl June 16, 2009
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