A person that is naturally emo-looking, but not necessarily emo.
"hey that person has black hair and pale skin. they are a n'emo
by Georgia C what a babe! January 26, 2009
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A word used to describe nude emos and amateur girls who post n00ds on the internets.

*nude + emo = nemo
Nick: Dude, look at this super hot .rar full of nemos!

Ron: Nicee!
by Turbo Ricky April 21, 2009
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Background Info:
Everybody knows that Nemo had a crippled fin, but it never stoppped him from swimming.

Nemoing - The act of getting wrist deep with your injured arm. Thinks casts, bandages and braces.
This guy was nemoing the crap out of this girl
by DevoSTD March 06, 2011
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The opposite of Omen. Nemo spelt backwards spells Omen, so likewise, the definition is backwards as well.

Definition of Omen: anything perceived or happening that is believed to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future

So, Nemo would mean something that has already happened.
Person 1: It's a bird of ill omen.
Person 2: It's already happening... It's a bird of ill nemo.
by Resent of ijji Gunz April 29, 2010
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Nemo is a nerd and an emo combined into one person. A nemo is someone who enjoys nerdy activities yet is depressed to the extend of an emo, partially because of the social rejection of the nemo's peers.

Nemo is comprised of the first two letters of the word nerd (ne) and the last to letters of the word emo (mo). Nemo means nobody in Latin and so is a nerdy word and the meaning nobody is attractive to the emo side of the nemo as it helps them feel worse about themself.
<Nemo> Oh my God, I can't solve the final Euler problem out :'(
***Nemo cries
<Nemo> I'm such a failure, I'm just going to crawl into a corner and die! :'(
***Nemo cries some more

(please notice that this is in IRC format - Nerdy ;))
by Rob Barry April 03, 2007
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The word used for someone who claims they have never masterbated. This is usually a term regarding females. Unless you are too young to understand what it is everybody does it and anyone who sais this is a liar!!! Hell I'm Masterbating right now, thats how honest us blokes are!

Never Ever Masterbated OOOOOOOOOmygod!!!!!!!
Andrew, luke and simon: Hey Clare how many times do you masterbate a week?
Clare: OMG i dont do that thing!
Andrew, luke and simon: O c'mon just a ball park figure...
Clare: seriously ive never masterbated ever.

Andrew, luke and simon: Your lying you must have played the odd tune on the old banjo at some point...?
Clare: EEE no girls masterbate, trust me.

Andrew, luke and simon: er... Shut up ya NEMO!!!
by one of the evil ones... April 13, 2008
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What is often heard in Sushi bars and Jap resturants upon recieving your appetizer!
by Abysslooksback65 December 20, 2003
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