1.) A time-frame extending from the present into eternity.

2.) A period of history in which dragons are slain, heroes roam the land, and damsels are saved from their super-high unreachable towers.
1.) This song will ring forevermore.

2.) "We are riding for the battlefield in force tonight
Fury of the darkest evil cry for war
Far beyond the boundaries of hell and starlight
On the road to lands unknown forevermore"

~Dragonforce, "Fury of the Storm"
by Magic Swords Aflame February 8, 2010
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When she puts your Dick and balls down her throat she slides her tongue down your taint into your buthole.
Hey honey will you give me a Forevermore tonight.
by Sphinctertwitch December 23, 2021
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Sophie Fergis Fashion Line Named after her GG Ruthie!
We Will Live ForEverMore!
by thehouse123 February 9, 2021
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