Notorious prostitute-killer that reached his peak in 1888. Famed for being the origianal serial killer, his identity remains a mystery to this day, although many people have luanched many differing theories. The style of the killings was particularly gruesome and internal organs were removed as souveneirs. Today the term will describe any loud, ripping fart.
"I'm gonna tear you u like i'm jack the ripper"

"I just did jack the ripper"
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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The nickname given to an unknown serial killer who killed five women in the Whitechapel section of the East End of London from August 31 to November 9, 1888. The killer was given this nickname because a knife was used to cut the victims throats and mutilate their abdomens. To this day, nobody knows the identity of the killer, since nobody saw or heard anything suspicious.

By today's standards, the Ripper murders would barely make headlines; a faceless lust killer murdering five streetwalkers in a huge slum that's already swarming with criminals and lowlifes. 55% of children were dead before age five; outhouses, clogged sewers, slaughterhouses, and horse-drawn buggies ensured that the filth and stench; overcrowding in crumbling buildings and low job prospects ensured that whole families were homeless; drinking and fights were rampant, and many people were missing teeth or had black eyes. Many women were forced to sell themselves as a sure way of supporting themselves and feeding their children, even if it meant going off to secluded nooks with six or seven strange (and potentially dangerous) men each day.

Contrary to the popular (romanticized) image of a black-caped figure in a top-hat, the victims were last seen with very nondescript, working-class men; the Ripper would most certainly have been caught had he worn the cape and top-hat.

There have been many theories as to who did this and there have been numerous urban legends (even the Royal Family was not spared the rumors), although most of these stories are certainly false.
While Jack the Ripper has gone down in history as the star of history's great whodunnit, few people remember the victims:

-Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols, found at 3:45 AM, August 31, 1888, age 43. Mother of five, three of whom were grown at the time. Separated from her husband, whom she left because of his affair during her fifth pregancy, Polly became caught in the downward spiral of drinking and prostitution. Polly was a homeless alcoholic during her last days and was last seen trying to secure money to pay for a bed at her lodging house.

-Annie Chapman, found at 6 AM, September 8, 1888, age 47. Mother of three, one of whom was born crippled, another dead at the age of twelve in 1882. Annie and her husband, while originally lower middle-class, took to drinking from the stresses around their children and separated after falling into poverty. His death in 1886 was a death-blow to her will to live. By her death, Annie was malnourished, homeless, and suffering from tuberculosis and syphillis.

-Elizabeth "Long Liz" Stride, found at 1 AM, September 30, 1888, age 45. She had separated from a husband in 1881 and had a troubled common-law marriage with a dock worker at her death.

-Catherine "Kate" Eddowes, found at 1:45 AM, September 30, 1888, age 46. Mother of three grown children. Separated from her first common-law husband, she was living quite happily with her second, going from doss house to doss house. An intelligent, bubbly woman, her last night was spent sleeping off the drink in a local jail until the police released her at 1 AM.

-Mary Jane Kelly, aka "Ginger" or "Fair Emma", found at 10:45 AM, Novemeber 9, 1888, age 25. The youngest victim and the only victim to be killed indoors, she had a ground-floor flat and allowed her homeless friends to spend the night there, although she and her boyfriend had recently broken up for just that reason. Originally worked in a high-class brothel in the West End of London, but somehow fell to the slums of the East End.
by Lorelili May 6, 2009
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when a chick is blowing you and you rip a fart in her face
Yeah, she was blowing me last night and I gave her the old "Jack the ripper"
by eric September 7, 2003
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This fuckin sweet guy that used to fuck people the fuck up and tear them apart and shit..

He was fuckin awesome
Hahaha holy shit did you see that bitch that Jack got to?
by Advil April 7, 2004
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"Geez Stiebo, ripping out the juicy ones , eh? Jack the Ripper in tha house ! "
"Smells like teen spirit "
by pzeudo December 20, 2016
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A man who led an unsuccessful campaign of ending prostitution.
Jack the Ripper killed a total of eleven prostitutes.Most likely the prostitutes would have died of some sexual disease days later.
by d1y2r3n4 September 22, 2010
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Some of the most chronic weed there is in the US, originally grown by Jack Herer out of Grants pass, Ore. this strand has been around since the 1980s. crossed hundreds of times with other plants such as: Romulan, P99, Purple Kush and many more. also known as JTR
Me "Yo man you trying to kick it and burn some of that jack the ripper?"

you "Shit fo sho man but only a little, that gets me SUPER HIGH"
by Oregon's Finest August 5, 2008
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