Not knowing what someone wants or is doing because it sounds like I don’t know.
Wishful girl: He’s 940ing, telling me he loves me but skinny dipping with some other bitch in the Caribbean.

Realistic friend: sounds more like 94hoing.
by Numbs October 31, 2018
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The area code for Northern Texas near the Oklahoma border, with surrounding cities like, Wichita Falls, Denton, Gainesville, Vernon, Burkburnett, and other small towns.
"where you live?"

by Phlaun November 22, 2006
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The trenches where you don’t wanna be, crips rule the area and there’s blood wanna-be’s, when you in the 940 make sure to lock yo shit, cuz these niccas can walk up to you and already fucc yo bitch
Brian: Yo where he from? He look dangerous

Kevin: Oh shit he from the 940
by Kiidchavez February 17, 2020
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An old shitty car made by the premiumbrand Volvo. It's mostly driven by young "carguys" aka farmers from the deep woods of sweden who brag about thier trucks and slow turbo wagons.
Look at that guy! He's such a farmer driving that Volvo 940!
Yeah, what a looser!
by d24mk18 January 21, 2017
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if you are simen you like volvo 940
by burgolay November 9, 2018
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