Gets lost often, doesn´t care who bosses him around, he´s got sass, a daredevil for touching a butt, gets all the ladies, almost known as a player.
guy 1: want to go to an after-party with me?
guy 2: Nah bro, i got laid. i just met her. i got invited to her house, but im still havin trouble with where she lives..
guy 1: just met her? dude, don´t get lost and stay outta trouble, cuz if you´re in jail, im not bailing you out. Don´t be such a Nemo.
by the bubble master February 15, 2014
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Out of " All the fish in the sea" a " Nemo" is that one person your crushing on or chasing after.
Girl: " Just like Marlin in " Finding Nemo" I have found my Nemo out of all the fish in the sea."

Other girl: " They may say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but Chad is my Nemo. "
by Tntlol January 14, 2013
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1) The fish from the pixar movie.
2) In latin, it means "nobody"
That fish, Nemo(1), wasn't really nemo(2).
by Minimoonaria May 3, 2008
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The guy version of "CockTease" a guy who flirts with a girl and pretends to put out but when the time comes he won't. To get a girl wet by being cute but at the same time A-Sexual.
That guy was such a Nemo, he was so everything that i wanted but wouldn't sleep with me at night.
by Alejandro Cherno November 22, 2012
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1) a Fish from a Pixar movie

2) a captain from 20,000 leagues under the sea

3) a name someone signs their work of art with as a means of remaining temporarily anonymous. (usually so they can re-release the art after getting a reputation in the artistic community.)

4) an alias specifically used to have people forget your real name. A person doing that is "pulling a Nemo" (it could be with any name, but it has to be memorable.)
1) I love Finding Nemo! that's such a good movie

2.) Captain Nemo's badass!

4.) person1: haha i just met this chick named Miley

person2: dude, she's pulling a nemo. That's probably not even her real number.

person1: awwww. :(
by 0men May 12, 2011
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Nemo, the feeling of home. It’s love, everywhere is love, love never loses faith. It’s me, today i will fall for them. A gift? my gift, from what? woah, it’s so beautiful
i feel so nemo all the time recently, i feel so peaceful with myself and my loved ones. The world is so beautiful, and i think i might be falling in love, crazy.

dave: that’s calm, maybe you should wish to go home again g

i do bro, big man tells me to have a little bit of faith

home art yours god
by makemeasandwitch February 18, 2019
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