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1) The fish from the pixar movie.
2) In latin, it means "nobody"
That fish, Nemo(1), wasn't really nemo(2).
by Minimoonaria May 03, 2008
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Out of " All the fish in the sea" a " Nemo" is that one person your crushing on or chasing after.
Girl: " Just like Marlin in " Finding Nemo" I have found my Nemo out of all the fish in the sea."

Other girl: " They may say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but Chad is my Nemo. "
by Tntlol January 13, 2013
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its an alcoholic slushie that gets you super good!
Sarah : Dude, let's get some nemos!
Jessica : Hell yeah! That gets you feelin' crazy !
by lilyanne23 May 04, 2009
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Oh My God! i love nemo ans i would enjoy doing him in the fishy booty!
by Bed Wetter! February 05, 2005
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The guy version of "CockTease" a guy who flirts with a girl and pretends to put out but when the time comes he won't. To get a girl wet by being cute but at the same time A-Sexual.
That guy was such a Nemo, he was so everything that i wanted but wouldn't sleep with me at night.
by Alejandro Cherno November 21, 2012
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