A drink for the stars;
1/2 Hendricks Gin
1/2part Squirt soda

1 lime

Also known as: Moonbeam, Moonraker

If Squirt is not used, it is known as a Buzz Aldrin
The Neil Armstrong’s are out of this world
by Baboon11 September 1, 2021
First man on the moon. He ruined the dreams of many people. He proved the moon wasn't made of cheese...
I hate Neil Armstrong
by shiney monkey September 5, 2005
When someone steps on your freshly groomed and smoothed ski or snowboard drop-in run and makes a huge imprint which looks like the notorious shot of Neil Armstrong's footprint on the moon. The similarities are uncanny!
You have just finished smoothing out the drop-in line for snowboarding a handrail and then your buddy walks straight across the freshly smoothed run-in, making a huge impression of his boot smack in the middle of the run-in. At that point you shout "you just Neil Armstronged the drop in line bro!"
by Fringe Lab February 19, 2014
v. The act of performing butt sex in space.
I Neil Armstronged that bitch while she was wearing her space apparatus.
by petewheeler June 19, 2009
The Neil Armstrong is when you fart into a trash bag and put it over someones head like a space suit. Also refered to as the Buzz Aldrin in some areas
Dude, Dave totally Neil Armstronged me last night
by stolimks5 February 25, 2012