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Aldrins are one of the best guy's you'll ever meet. They are tall and handsome. Aldrins are sweet and thoughtful, but also slightly nerdy. It's easy to get attached to them. They give the most amazing hugs in the world.
by natalie Hines August 04, 2012
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Aldrin's are cute and funny they are amazing and smart you are very lucky if you get a chance to meet one. Aldrin's are also very handsome.
I like Aldrin
by the girl who has a crush. February 28, 2017
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1.A type of mistake having to do with grammar *Aldrins/Aldrin type a*

2.A terrible case of stuttering and/or mumbling *Aldrins/Aldrin type b*

3.Slowness. Or Something that causes someone to be slow. *Aldrins/Aldrin type c*
1.DUDE: so, what did you do yesterday?
Guy: dude, yesterday i seen you at the mall
DUDE: OMG you have aldrins type a

2.Boy: i
Girl: you have aldrins type b!

3.Kyle: dude, my dad's so white, when he orders watermelon from mexicans he asks them for "agua melon"
Stan: *laughs* your dad's an idiot
*10 minutes later*
Cartman: oh i get it....AHAHAHA your dad's a retard Kyle!
Kyle: You're the one with aldrins type c!!!
by .b.b. April 04, 2009
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