One of the band's string of hits between 1997 - 2001, Someday being released in June of 1999: more than a 4 minute song. Someday encompassed a vibe, an emotion of the era -- the care-free days of the late 90's. Performed brilliantly by the milquetoast 'pop-era' band, the melody with the lyrics can really let you fade back to a time for those of us had just started out life -- whether it be college, full-time work or an unforgettable 1st serious relationship.

Part of that special group of films, songs, cars and events that helped define my life in this pre and post 'Dub-ya' world. I hope this helps.
How Someday touched my life:

...Grace was tall, slender and frumpy, not that I had a particular type but she was unique, Gracie stood out; not because she was stunning – she wasn’t. She lacked that insidious cunt quality that most women that frequented these nightclubs had. Grace was the kind of girl that oozed a certain lack of self-esteem and high maintenance, yet she parlayed it with a certain sense of identity seldom seen anymore. The kind of girl that spent less time in front of a mirror, idolizing herself and more time cultivating her mind and various other gifts. A girl like Grace properly tended to can easily blossom in to a best in show, a real thinking mans wife. Either that: or a good mind fuck story.

We locked eyes to the tune of Someday by Sugar Ray; the sweet tinge of MDMA under my tongue had just started to kick in. It was love at first sight, I think. Thought – I don’t know. I just know I felt something, and it was something other than these fucking gas pains or this freaking heat rash I can’t seem to get rid of.
by linky91 May 17, 2011
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"Someday" is a single by alternative hip-hop group Flipsyde, from their 2005 debut album “We the People”.

This song is truly a banger and a whole ass bop and has officially been declared as the first “Clucy anthem”, referring to the ship Clucy (Callie Cadogan and Lucy), owing to the song being played in their very first scene together in the CW show The 100, episode 7x08 ‘Anaconda’.
Someone: “Someday!”
Me: “We’re gonna we gonna rise up on that wind..”
by Smiles4Erica November 25, 2020
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Someday by IZ*ONE isn't just a song. It's a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled by thieves. It's art, the first gift you open on christmas, a hug from a loved one, it's everything you ever wanted, it's everything you need.
Someday our night will probably all pass too right. Even when the endless dark comes, I will never be scared again. Let’s hold our hands tightly together. And I will walk the ends of the dark together with you...
by ahnjinjoo July 25, 2020
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Noun: The worst song ever created. Gives people cancer. The song was written by 20 year old Steven Wagner and still upsets the hearts of many due to how terrible the recording is.
I just got done listing to Someday by Steven Wagner, that shit was ass.
by ManOfTheMay February 13, 2019
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Merry Christmas Eve❤️❤️
One of the zillion things I look forward to someday is spending it with you❤️
I love Christmas Eve service with the singing of silent night and the candles… you may want to start practicing your singing

So many things I can’t wait to do with you❤️❤️
Until then I imagine
Someday… is going to be gloriouslove you always
by Always1234 December 23, 2022
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That time in the future in which you will eventually find love, happiness and financial security, which you wait for indefinitely.
Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get a girlfriend someday. Just don't ask me what my assumption is based upon and stop following me.
by Killing Kittens June 15, 2004
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