A subhuman species of hominids that was wiped out by humans ( homosapians). They had small frontal cortex and were short and barrel chested.

Used to be used as someone who was a degenerate or primitive until recently when it was discovered non-africans were mixed with them, now they praise neanderthal admixture
Person A: You see that guy screaming and banging things like a neanderthal?

Person B: Yea what a sub human
by ChamWang August 2, 2017
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An insult commonly used by people of higher intelligence to insult a person with lower intellect, it can also be used on a person who is hairy or carries a resemblance to a neanderthal/Monkey.
Person 1: Oh look, here comes Robert
Person 2: Oh no, the retard?
Person 1: Yeah, what an absolute neanderthal
by CaVeMaN420 May 22, 2019
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1. Caucasians; White People; White Males; White Females

2. Low IQ Subhumans who went extinct around 40,000 years ago whose bloodline is notably diluted with the Caucasian genome sequence. They lived almost exclusively in Europe before their extinction, with heavy populations in what would be today's central European countries. They are often associated with hairiness, Low IQs and animal driven instinct/behavior.

- Were previously mocked by Caucasians heavily due to their low IQs and other animal like behaviors until it was recently discovered virtually every one of them has Neanderthal blood diluted in their veins; and are now praised by Caucasians as being smarter than previously thought (despite the fact that they went extinct 40,000 years ago)
Person 1: I just did a DNA test and I found out I am actually 8% Neanderthal

Person 2: Ahhh... Now that would explain why you are so hairy and have such a low IQ
by KingLi December 18, 2022
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Often called a "Leah". An idiotic human who spends their time hurling abuse in the street because that's all they can do. Their language revolves around the word "fuck", and they insult people who are smarter than them through jealousy and envy.
Often know for 'sponging' off the council, and most of the time they live in a council house because of lack of funds and lazy, idiotic parents.
"Shit. Get away from that Neanderthal, they may take you wallet"
by SanchezForPresident May 14, 2005
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White men who like to use violence to get their way with people because they lack any real intelligences. They are usually boomers, bikers, gang members, mobsters and racists.
Billy: You know the Neanderthals died out thousands of years ago

Mandy: No they didn't, I saw one yesterday on a Harley bike
by Mix Master Mason June 22, 2020
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