Sia is an Australian-born singer/songwriter whose 2014 hit 'Chandelier' topped the charts. She is also known for the artist who no longer shows their face during talk shows, interviews, performances etc
"Hey did you hear about the new music video Sia put up?"
by _pineapples_ March 29, 2015
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A synonym for "cya" mostly used by Sia's fans. It was made popular because of how close the pronunciation of both terms sound.
by asentrix March 29, 2016
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A suffix used mostly by Singaporeans and Malaysians at the end of sentences or exclamations to add emphasis or gravity.

Mostly used to highlight something and proclaim shock, respect or to garner agreement.

Informal, and used mostly by gangsters, youngsters or the less educated.
7-Eleven is selling Tiger Beer at 50% discount exclusively for the World Cup season! Faster go buy, so cheap sia!

Did you see Jack's new girlfriend? Damn hot sia!

Check out his track record! That's not even humanely possible sia!
by Slashbyte June 27, 2010
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Singapore International Airlines.
The premium airline in Asia.

Hey! Im flying to Canada on SIA!
by melvinlow September 22, 2008
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Swaggerific Intense Athlete; an intense athlete such as a runner or a gymnast who also has some serious swag.
"dayummm she a serious SIA. I can tell by that body"
by SIA1 August 25, 2011
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