A pecan (pronounced puh-cawn) is a type of hickory nut grown in the South and in Mexico.
A pecan is never produced like pee-can. Reserve that term to refer to a can that you urinate in.
by Cranberry Bob February 16, 2020
Sexual act in which a man inserts one of his testicles into a woman's vagina.
When Martha begged me for a pecan, I pulled my balls out and went to work.
by Luke and Kendall August 19, 2006
Pronounced: pee-cay-yan


1: a smooth brown nut with an edible kernel similar to a walnut that is very popular among many cultures in the United States

2: A midget prostitute

1: Aww shit man dem pecans were good I gotta buy another bag.

2: Those were some fine pecans last night.
by Treyshaun December 3, 2013
the shitter was plugged so i filled a can with pee -therefore it was a pee can
by willy b quick October 26, 2003
Someone who have an extreme craving for pecans
Frank ate all of the dam pecan pie , he's so pecanable.
by Krummer311 November 5, 2017