this is generally used to describe a man with a very broad and deep chest. Usually the person has a naturally large ribcage, very round, and will have lots of upper body strength.
Those guys that pull trains and whatnot, they're generally very barrel chested.
by Mr. dibbles March 6, 2008
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When the chest is in a barrel-like shape. Normally occurs when a woman is pregnant.
Emily is very barrel chested. She resembles an ape.
by Icey The Wifey August 19, 2006
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massive chest which resembles a barrel shape, usually found on power lifters.
Peter Poole is benching 160kg on his warm up set" , "yeah its casue of his barrel chest
by rory6 October 29, 2010
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a man who has a muscular chest whom is in the armed forces (navy, army, marines ) ; A compliment.
“I’m just tryna find a Barrel Chested freedom fighter to settle down with.”

“relax you’ll find him we live near the navy base he won’t be to hard to find.”
by dootNootToot January 4, 2018
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