Nea is a beautiful girl that needs no man. If she does want a man he’s going to treat her right. Nea is a funny girl with a lot of friends. And again NEA DONT NEED NO MAN UNLESS SHE WANTS ONE. Nea is also a really smart girl people and she sees the great and people even if there rude to her. Nea is a really loyal friend even if she’s having a bad she’ll still try to cheer you up. A guy would lucky enough to at least get neas attention. Neas going to be so successful in life man I’m jealous myself. Love you nea
by Kimchi 565 March 12, 2019
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Nea is a mix between good and bad. She can be very caring, loving and kind but omg when she is mad you dont want to be anywhere near her. If you earn Neas trust, dont fuck that up, it is rare that she trusts people, and if you are one of the few persons she do trust, you are like one in a million. Nea does never lie about her feelings for somebody or about things that she knows could hurt another person IF they were lies. She is definitly worth getting to know and having in your life but let it take the time it needs. It will be millions of times worth it in the end.
by 818383 December 16, 2017
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Nea is a beautiful, smart, and kind girl. She could be a little shy but once she warms up she can be really talkative but not in a annoying way but in the way we’re you can just sit and listen to her talk because her voice is just so cute and she’s really funny. She takes school seriously and can be a little nerdy but she still has time for friends. She is a great girlfriend she’s loyal, a little needy, she gives hugs that you don’t want to end, if your having a bad day she’ll let you vent to her and she’ll just sit there and listen, and she has a good sense of humor. Nea is a beautiful girl and if she gives you a chance to date her then take advantage because she is a girl that once you start dating her you never want to lose her.
“Nea is so beautiful”

I know right and she’s so smart and cute
by TheOppaStoppa October 22, 2019
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In Colombia, usually used as friend or bro.Only as "friend". It's similar to parce or parcero
tonces que nea, bien o no??

so what's up bro???
by uDontCare July 15, 2011
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She is a funny and kind girl who loves to meet new people. Even is she often just show her funny side she also have a deep side. When you first meet her you maybe think she is a bitch but when you learn to know her she is an amazing friend who always make you laugh. She often have blue big eyes with long eyelashes.
"Oh, Nea looks amazing!"
"Yes!!! She really Do!"
by Gissaveeem December 11, 2016
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Nea is an amazing girl. She is pretty and really funny. She will also fall in love and marry her middle school boyfriend.
I love Nea!
by Manduck 101 December 21, 2017
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