A Hawaiian Pigeon or broken english word meaning "never."
A local boy might say to his friend, "what bra, you nea go rage da kine's house last night?"
by Mikky J. February 09, 2005
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stands for: non existent ass
definition: annasophia
karen: omg look it’s annasophia!
becky: o ya! bruh is it just me or does she looks like she’s missing something

karen: omg ur right her ass is missing tf?? she got a NEA HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA LOSSSERRRRRRR
becky: omg i bet she wishes her ass was as big as sofia’s
by sofiahasbiggerbootaythanyouHA October 15, 2019
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have you heard nea’s recent single?
No. Who is nea yello
by Terracotta90 January 21, 2021
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“Dude I used my Nea Sock last night”

What the fuck bro why would you tell me that?!”
by BoxCarRacer02 November 20, 2020
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A raggedy woman. Hide yo husbands..boyfriends and anything inbetween. A woman who has no morals or hygiene. She is fake and will stab u in the back given the chance.
That ho-NEA.. she gave my husband herpes!
by lm830 August 14, 2014
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