Stands for neanderthall conservative. Aperently someone so archaeic and far to the right that they have the political ideology of a caveman.
What kind of nea-con thinks that stim cell research is bad?
by Jensim April 28, 2009
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Fruity nea nead is a legendary final blow. Its stated that in acient times this way of the tongue was used in war. As u absolutely reck ur opponent in anytang u say “get fruity nea nead lil boah” as they start turning into ash pokemon trainer shit. As u start walking away with the swag of reds charizard as u become immortal my guy. Use this whenever a mf is annoying asf
Virgin ass bum: ur mom

You: no u lol

Vrigin as bum: “the power level is intense strongest that ive ever seen before!”

You: get fruity nea nead on lil boah lol
by Petemesquitey March 04, 2021
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Slang. A wise female who generally tends to be badass has a Mama's heart and perspective. Could whoop Media's ass but would rather get stoned with her. Synonyms : Snapped. Shuurrrie. I Bestis. EsJayO. Also See: B&S, Batdaddy, Besti.
Oh hell No! FUCK YOU LIL KID! I'M BOUT TO GO ALL AUNTIE JANEA-NEA ON YO ASS IF YOU DON'T GET THAT SHIT DONE RIGHT! I saved you a hot plate in the microwave for when you're done, though.... Love ya bunches and stuff!
by Fletch y Randolphaho June 21, 2017
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a word that combines the words no and yea to make nea
Guy 1: "Have you got a girlfriend"
Guy 2: "nea"
by Osu master March 14, 2018
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Nea is an unusual name but Nea is often a very happy girl. She cares about everyone and she loves to do sports.
Nea is very good at sports!
by idkwmni June 13, 2017
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