LINCOLN NAVIGATOR - a huge full size SUV that is the top of the line luxury model sold by Ford-Lincoln-Mercury. The Navigator was on the market in 98' and has become the mark by which all other SUVS are measured. The 2003-2005 model offers GPS, improved interior leather, power 3rd row seat and XM radio.

It even has automatic power running boards.

The Nav gets terrible gas mileage cause it weighs around 3 tons and it suffers from a 300 Hp engine but, you can still tow boats, Helicopters and possibly trailers.

The Nav costs over $65,000
If you want to see a fully pimped out Navigator, watch "The Johnson's Family Vacation".
by J Norman May 13, 2004
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Short for Navajo, most commonly found in Arizona
If those Navs dont walk any faster im gonna fuckin run them over.
by p00 July 15, 2006
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Related to Hari Ganesha and Yun Soong.
Yun Soong's future wife and shit supplier; arranged marriages, however incredibly common in the shitholes these apple-picking rapists inhabit, is rare as yun soong (a fish-mongering hobbo living with bernards fresh shit) loves to have anal lubed sex with the commonly "fucked-in-the-ass" navashit. Both love to have dirty dirty sex involving sexually stimulated condoms and other dirty pindicks see bernard nagaweeweeblahblah. Yun Soong and Nav have been seen holding hands and anal lube tubes.
Nav and Yun-Soong love to eat shit out of Bernard's Asshole.
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