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see wordjizz/word
and before the night was over, the trick of the party was covered in about 3 gallons of mansauce
by ricky roma December 25, 2003
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1. most cars that try to go for the fast and furious look, but fail badly by using 9.95 autozone parts.

2. aka the "package"
1. Dude's 95 Neon looks like fucking junk with all that cheap plastic draped all over it.

2. When my ex found out I was cheating on her, she blasted me in the junk with her high heel.
by ricky roma September 30, 2003
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slang for someone who murders their ex.

Originated by Orenthal James Simpson (aka OJ, or the wordJuice/word) slicing and dicing his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
I picked up the paper today, and on the front page there was a story of some fucker who went Orenthal on his ex.

Looks like he'll be spending time in lockdown with Bubba as his new roommate.
by ricky roma October 31, 2003
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belonging to one person. To have ownership of an item.
Denis Lemieux: Joe, who own the Chiefs?
Joe McGrath: OWNS, OWNS!
Denis Lemeiux: OWN-ZA! OWN-ZA!
Joe McGrath: wordI don't know/word.
Denis Lemeiux: Thanks
by ricky roma December 22, 2003
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correction: Reznor did not rip off Al Jourgensen's style. In fact, Reznor and Al Jourgensen paired up to cover a Black Sabbath track (Supernaut) in 1994.
The group ''1000 Homo DJs'' was formed by members of NIN and Ministry. The name was created because of a comment by one of the band members made in previous years.

"Only a 1000 Homo DJs would play this record."

A full explanation can be found at www.ministry.nu
by ricky roma February 17, 2004
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the necessary information and conditions to complete a 419 transaction
You might be surprised and curious of an offer like this, be rest assured that the modalities and logistics towards the successful transfer of this fund has been worked out - Dr Lawrnce Eboh, 419 MUGU
by ricky roma July 20, 2004
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