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This name is for all the cool Sikh kids, typically Navraj or Navdeep. The nickname “Nav” spurs a “WOWWW!” from the typical white chick, who loves Nav the rapper and uses the song lyrics of “Myself” for her every Instagram picture.
“Yo check out Nav my boy is fresh”

“That’s the brown boy Nav, the chick magnet
by Virk Saab February 14, 2018
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A rapper who’s known for being apart of xo and multiple hits like freshman list and beibs in the trap
Friend : have you heard “navs” new song ?
Me : yeah it’s fire
by Lil gill July 17, 2018
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A word to describe an attractive male. sexy, fashionable, Fit, HOT. short for Navid. usually has great hair.
"Man, that guy is so Nav"
"woaahh, check out the Nav over there!"
"i've bagged myself a hot Nav"
by Dennis badgay October 23, 2006
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A black piece of walking s***, Nav is considered to be extremely dangerous by the authorities and can cause extended amounts of damage when it exposes its defected and retarded 'tits'. Scientists that have studied this revolting creature have all died from laying eyes upon its bare body. Therefore, it is speculated that looking at this creature's body can cause unbelievable amounts of pain, mental scarring, brain damage, and permanent blindness. It can, in serious cases where a person stares at it for more than 2 seconds, trigger a brain cell dysfunction, therefore landing the person into a coma. This was the case for all scientists except one. The unfortunate scientist, named Ananden, was doing a night shift, and happened to be alone in the lab. The creature felt needy, and, seeing Ananden as the only person available, it raped Ananden. Ananden had to have the remains of his ingrown penis amputated. Next day, the creature escaped from the lab, hunted down Ananden, and raped him one last time, this time having it anally, before running off into the wild. We don't want to know the rest. Children, please be careful, I'm begging you.
Nav flashed his titties at J.F.Kennedy, with the words 'I've Got Milk, You Want?'. It killed him, contrary to the popular theories of someone using a gun. Pfffttt, amateurs.
by Siamak de Costa March 16, 2005
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short for navigation; both are slang for cool; can be paired with "well" or "dead" for emphasis.
"that haircut is totally nav."
"that's a well nav top you got there."
"you're a dead nav girl."
by keensta November 12, 2006
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any monosyllabic word, phrase or name, which can be replaced in any context, is a nav ( or navs )

if the word contains mre than one syllable, replace any of the syllables with nav.

have you got a new nav??

where are your navs, are they under the nav

what you doing nav?

you navver!

nav off!


are you going to the navbrary?
nice navtop!

by Clifford Thomas December 03, 2007
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Nano-sized Penis
As he tried to have sex, Neelima ran away screaming, because he had a Nav
by ashwindar August 28, 2008
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