any monosyllabic word, phrase or name, which can be replaced in any context, is a nav ( or navs )

if the word contains mre than one syllable, replace any of the syllables with nav.

have you got a new nav??

where are your navs, are they under the nav

what you doing nav?

you navver!

nav off!


are you going to the navbrary?
nice navtop!

by Clifford Thomas December 03, 2007
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Nano-sized Penis
As he tried to have sex, Neelima ran away screaming, because he had a Nav
by ashwindar August 28, 2008
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Someone who is a Nav, they aspire to be a sideman, not a sidemen but a sideman of the sidemen.

Another Example off Nav is someone who gives something of no need into a conversation
Look there’s ice cream, there’s ice cream over there, yeah cheers Nav
by nibba’sgay November 23, 2018
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short for navy. Originated due to the military's use of using parts of many small words to create one large word (i.e. navsurf - naval surface).
I did 4 years with the nav once I got out of HS. It's wasn't too bad besides the bad haircuts that I got on the boat and the horrible nav chow.
by ricky roma October 22, 2003
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A NAV is an accronym to describe a person who is a nerdy ass virgin. Commonly found in PC gaming multiplayer games. NAV is also used in ignorant slang terms to call, one a nerd or even just stupid sometimes rather they are a nerdy ass virgin or not.
For example-
Pixel6969:lel get shrekd noob u suk kid XD
Motherfucker_Mike:shut the fuck up you stupid NAV get a life.

Billy:i just got to prestige level 20 in modern warfare 3!
Bob:Haha you're such a NAV kid get a life.

Bob:Evan's quote in the yearbook was so stupid lol.
Billy:Yeah lol that quote was NAVy as fuck.
Bob:What a NAV lol
by Billy_Headed_Ass November 29, 2015
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She da coolest cat this side of well both sides...lol
She fly, she sweet, she cool, she all dat, and u know it.
I introduce her at a party and then i'll be like u heard of Nelly, u heard of Nat, now straight outta from da heart of da ghetto comes NAV. fo sho
I saw NAV da otha day she super-fly.
by Sundawg March 24, 2004
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