This word refers to a man who has attained such a level of sexiness and manliness that he can even exude sensitivity without coming across as gay. Someone who is referred to as Navdeep must be incredibly sexy, virile, and have an affinity for Tom Cruise movies.
Male or Female: Shit that guy is so sexy and manly without being overbearing while epitomizing greatness in every sense.

Male or Female #2: Damn, he soooo Navdeep!!
by Navdeep Singh April 8, 2007
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Navdeep is a very sweet girl. She will always put others first especially friends and family. She very attractive that’s why many boys love her. She is a beauty with brains. A born leader and a very strong women. She is a very supportive person and extremely loyal. You lucky if you have navdeep in your life. Navdeep is very charming and sexy at the same time. She is very loving.
by Sukhinder November 23, 2021
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Navdeep is an extremely pretty girl. She has as many exes as one can imagine. Her current boyfriend is a very lucky man. She probably had a extreme glow up after 6th grade. She probably has all the boys wrapped around her finger.
Damn did you Navdeep the other

Yes she looked absolutely gorgeous
by Bigboogeyyyek June 19, 2019
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Navdeep has the purest soul, She has a heart of a child with a mind of a mature selfmade woman. She is jolly, sweet and a person you can’t find again.
She is trying to be navdeep
by :)MOMO:) November 24, 2021
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Navdeep is an awesome nerd. Although his sexuality is unknown, he is an MMO-gamer who prefers playing with other nerds, rather than his real life friends.
You see that DPS! That guy MUST be a Navdeep!
by Dank26 June 10, 2015
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Navdeep is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet but will get friend zoned by every single girl. The only thing he talks about is cricket around girls and when he pulls pants down girls think he’s got a cricket bat but turns out to be a bail. His ideal date is to take a girl to a cricket net and when he gets there he gets bowled by her. He messages you on every single social media platform. When you don’t reply he’ll turn up at your house. He’s got a photographic memory so watch it. When he found out his club sold cricket merch he threw all his clothes in the bin.
Navdeep Singh the type of guy to ride out for his cricket club
by Daddy-ty December 1, 2021
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Navdeep is actually a very childish person ,he has his dreams ,has his goals ,but kinda boasts around a bit😂👻👻,,...but extremely fun person ..once u get to know him u can really have a fun time with this dude ,,sexy af 😂😂... He likes movies ,football ,plays games ,,and then then thinks of his old loving memories that he had in his life big mf life m.....he has less threshold for laughter and is a person with whom u can try learning to crack jokes .....bruhhhh munda
Navdeep go deep😂😂😂
by Ted Mosby 12 November 23, 2021
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