A rapper who’s known for being apart of xo and multiple hits like freshman list and beibs in the trap
Friend : have you heardnavs” new song ?
Me : yeah it’s fire
by Iced out chittars July 17, 2018
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A rich man that claims he's broke. His net worth is estimated to be higher than Bill Gates and lives a luxurious life.
Rich Friend: I'm broke as hell
Me: Quit lyin' bruh, you're being a Nav right now! We damn well know that you got hella drip for dayssss
by Broke Man Jay April 29, 2020
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A word to describe an attractive male. sexy, fashionable, Fit, HOT. short for Navid. usually has great hair.
"Man, that guy is so Nav"
"woaahh, check out the Nav over there!"
"i've bagged myself a hot Nav"
by Dennis badgay October 23, 2006
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Nano-sized Penis
As he tried to have sex, Neelima ran away screaming, because he had a Nav
by ashwindar August 28, 2008
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The name for a dick that’s so big the person can’t wear shorts without it sticking out
Person 1; yo that guys dick is so big I bet he has a nav
Person 2; why are you looking at his dick
by Fear The Veer September 17, 2021
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Someone who is a Nav, they aspire to be a sideman, not a sidemen but a sideman of the sidemen.

Another Example off Nav is someone who gives something of no need into a conversation
Look there’s ice cream, there’s ice cream over there, yeah cheers Nav
by nibba’sgay November 23, 2018
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