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The greatest rapper of all time, he is a real life God, he is holier than Jesus Christ himself. Nobody even comes close to this mans talent, skill, and singing. People have tried to come for him but they can’t because he is just too great. Every single day of my life i spend 12 hours listening to and praising God, and not the one who died on a crucifix. His freestyles are incredible and 100x better than the ones considered to be the best. One example of this is smokepuurps freestyle “Limelight”, considered one of the best of all time, and it is still nothing compared to our lord, NAV.
Retard: “Kanye West is definitely the greatest rapper of all time.”

Intellectual: “You’re fucking dumb, it’s obviously NAV”

Retard: “But have you heard My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy though?”
by NAVsBiggestFan November 28, 2020

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