An individual that believes in the preservation, protection and progression of his culture, peoples, religion, state and seeks to better said group while preserving its core identity, ethnicity, culture, way of life, traditions, beliefs etc.

Examples; civic nationalist, religious nationalist, ethno nationalist
Is it so bad to preserve my own peoples and identity? If that makes me a nationalist then so be it!
by Aeternum Imperium Potesta July 11, 2018
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some one who stands behind their country and has no idea whats going on.they believe everything the goverment says and doesn't think for themselves.:like mind control of the worst kind.
Mark: did you know bush was going to blow up the white house so they can build him a new one,and call it an accident?
Steve:wow,what is he going to do it with,can i help
Mark: dude, you are such a nationalist it's not even funny!
by chriisii August 18, 2007
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Someone who's offending someone based on their nationality. May get confused for people who love their country.
"Hey, just because I'm American doesn't mean I can't do simple tasks. That's nationalist, dude."
by RDTurcios February 19, 2021
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One strong enough to be amoral in the name of a greater good such as intimidation or fun.
I am an american nationalist so who cares about Iraq.

Let Iraqi nationalist, not american hippies, worry about the Iraqi people.
by Uncle Sam October 08, 2003
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Boring ignorant people who are too scared of the idea of nations and cultures mixing because they claim this will result in everyone being the same. It may indeed do that for a short while, but then new cultures will emerge in different places around the globe, new races will spring up from race mixing etc and they will flow into eachother and mix and so on.

Nationalists claim not be racist but fail to realise that caring that strongly about preserving their race is a form of racism. Let's face it that's really the bare bones of nationalism, stopping interracial breeding and preserving the status quo. What they don't understand is that it doesn't matter what race or culture is the majority at any one point in time, only that they accept and love all the others, and that the new cultures that are born continue that ideology. Like confucianism and christianity were the principles on which Asian and White (respectivly) cultures were developed, the next era's cultures should be developed on a belief in acceptance and love.

We should transcend the need to divide ourselves by color and nationality.
Nationalist: I'm so sick of all the asians over here why can't they stay in their countries. All these white men breeding with them are reducing our ranks, soon we'll be outnumbered!

"Race Traitor": Dude, so what? They are happy together aren't they? No race or culture is gonna last forever man.
by HappyRaceTraitor January 08, 2005
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An Anti-Nationalist is a person opposed to Nationalism, which is the rigid belief in the superiority of a country - usually the person's country - over all other countries.|
A Nationalist might say that an Anti-Nationalist is a person who hates his or her own country. In some cases, that might be true, but in the majority of cases it is an untrue stereot ype.
The majority of Anti-Nationalists are against the notion that their country is automatically superior to another or any other, because although they are patriots, they understand that countries are human constructs and are equally likely to be victims of human failings... in fact, one of the failings of humans is a perverted form of Nationalism that claims that all opposition is entirely wrong.
He called me an Anti-Nationalist because I favored Brazil in the World Cup. But his belief that the USA was superior to Brazil was entirely mistaken, after Brazil won the World Cup and the US team didn't even make it past the quarter-finals.
by notavictim February 02, 2020
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A type of Grammar Nazi who is particular to using the British/Canadian way of spelling words as opposed to the American spellings. Words such as "favorite" or "color" especially annoy the Grammar Nationalist.
MSN/Facebook Chat:
Person 1: What colour is your new car?
Person 2: It's a bluish/greyish color.
1: Sorry, what?
2: It's a bluish color like your girlfriend's car.
1: "Color"?

2: God damn it, you're such a grammar nationalist!
by Winterpeg November 15, 2010
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