Excellent forum discussing Nationalist and political issues.

Nationalist Planet has a more relaxed atmosphere, catering to Nationalists of all Racial and Cultural varieties as well as anyone who chooses to sign up and be part of the growing community.
by Conquistador <---sn on forum January 05, 2007
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Is a cancerous, cringy facebook page that is run by a bunch of autistic patriotic politically incorrect peenois. comments section are compose of cancerous "political belief" that will really make you cringe hard, and compose of 3 - 6 sentences. and the page is patriotic and 98% of political belief are misleading and cringy making filipinos stupid as it is.
The political beliefs of Juan Nationalist people are incorrect and stupid,
by An Educated Peenoi July 29, 2016
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A bitter and twisted, usually bigoted, denizen of Scotland (a.k.a. North Albania) who still lives in the 14th Century. A Scottish Nationalist will often contend that his country has "the English jackboot" on its neck, when in reality, Scotland is a nation full of workshy freeloaders, content to pick up their giro and get wasted on Buckfast. "Jackboot on the neck"? No, more like Scottish lips welded to the English nipple, and sucking furiously.
"Shall I go to work today? No I dinnae have to. I'm a Scottish nationalist, and the bl**dy English will pay my giro"
by Grim^Reaper October 11, 2007
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A term used to define a conservative, not affiliated with the GOP or the Democratic Parties. American Nationalist uphold the Constitution, and reject all liberal programs and the Zionist Organised Government. They do not adhere to anarchy or violence towards the government.
Most American Nationalist adhere to Jeffersonian Policies and do not believe in a Federal Reserve to control money.
by Bailey Proctor April 20, 2009
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Someone who hates their own country. Anti-nationalism - Hating your own country
by zman4593 July 02, 2016
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a beardy jock who thinks that england is persecuting scotland, despite the fact that we have been propping up their shitty little country for years.
big country, population less than london. Hmm yes, I can see how that would be financialy viable
gee us oor independance ya sasanach barstad.
with pleasure, we'll save millions
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004
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