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racist slang used predominantly by white english males to refer to members of other ethnic communities. Common serious users include brain dead white trash, see 'scally', 'townie' and 'ned'. Passive users include students in inner city mult-cutural areas such as Manchester, where tensions run high.
stupid ethno talibani's comming into my country, eating my food, taking my seat... etc
by TonyBlair January 27, 2004
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Typical cuss to decribe any thieving/raping/racist/antagonistic/aids ridden bastard that undertakes their daily life in a manner which does not befit the customs and cu,ture of their current country of residence.
Social commentary: "Oh man, ethnos everywhere giving shit and beating up white people...wish they would fuck off back to where they came rom to die of aids ratther than increasing the burdon on my health service..."
by -=[OwNeR]=- April 30, 2005
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Coloquial slang for:

1. A person of foreign descent.
2. Any paki/asian/indian/arab/asylym seeking bastard(s) that you'd rather just fucked off back to wherever they came from.

Notes: This does not apply to africans, who are generally dudes and do not smell.
'That fucking ethno just ran my dog over with his brand new bmw!'.

'man, I fucking hate ethnos'.
by Jack Black January 27, 2004
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