Oh, man...I would rather feed myself my own nuts than watch this asswipe movie again. Overrated just doesn't cut it. I can picture the making of the idea. The director wiped his ass and wanted to check if there was corn on the toilet paper. Upon looking at his shit, he got inspired and decided to re-create it in movie form. I seriously don't get it, the movie is so dull, it's like watching a bunch of brain-dead morons counting dust particles. Fuck, man, I would rather have my head lopped off and eaten by wild boars than watch this lame puddle of piss again. It's border-line disturbing, follwing the life some asshat liar that draws shitty pictures, trying to help his friend win a virtually pointless school election that, unlike a million other movies, symbolizes that the little guy can top the big guy (not realizing that the only reason people don't vote for him is because he's got shit ideas, just like this whole fucking movie). But that's not it! If you still have all your brain cells or if you're not suffering a lame-induced seizure yet, stay tuned to see Mr. Dy-na-mite deal with his embarassing uncle and nerdy brother! WOW! What a crock of pig-shit. I had more fun dislocating my shoulder. Seriously, that's all that happens. Then there's some stupid catch phrases like "Gosh" and "Heck, yeah!" that HAVE ONLY BEEN USED SINCE FUCKING FOREVER and are now considered the wittiest thing in the world, regardless of the fact that they have been pulled out of a seven year old's ass. Seriously, it's unoriginal and JUST PLAIN...AUGH! I seriosuly don't think that I can ever find a word that is even relatively close to how shit this movie is. There is no wit or some thought-provoking, hidden symbolism, so don't bother looking. What you see is literally what you see: a bunch of dumbass idiots doing nothing but wasting your time with pointless shit that had miraculously passed off as humour. My...God. It hurts me to even use that word in association with this atrocity. Well, either that or it's hidden REALLY, REALLY well. I highly doubt it, though, seeing how this movie is connected with MTV. As for the low budget thing, why would someone spend money on this shit when they couldn't even spend any creativity on it? But the icing on the cake is all the impressionable idiot sheep that jerk off to every word uttered from that retard Napoleon's mouth and that try to fit as many of his dip-shit catch phrases in a single sentance as possible. This movie is just plain ass.
Hey, I'm Napoleon Dynamite and I yell at llamas because I'm a dumb-shit idiot that has the impeccable talent of recognizing different substances in milk! HAHAHA! Hilarious!
by punchline February 28, 2005
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This is definitely the worst movie of the early 21st Century; the WORST. Napoleon gives insult and injury to the awesome Corsican general and emperor of the same name who lived during the early 1800s. (Without the Dynamite, of course.)
The quotes that all the emo rockers and other teen/college-age faggots use from this movie are absolutely lame and weak. It seems that movies today are getting crappier and crappier.
Patton, Battle of The Bulge, Gettysburg, Ghostbusters, A Beautiful Mind, Saving Private Ryan, Groundhog Day, Citizen Kane, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Animal House, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Shining, Rainman.......now those are good movies. I'm the same age range that these kids who are saying Napoleon Dynamite is awesome; that makes me very ashamed.
by Ryan February 06, 2005
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I would not recommend this movie to anyone! This was the most boring movie I have ever seen. There is NO plot. You wait for something to actually happen, but nothing ever does. The dialogue is terrible, the acting is terrible. I can't believe someone wasted the time and money to make this film. Only watch this movie if you have a couple hours that you want to waste, and can't think of anything else that would be more entertaining such as this. All of my friends at school talked about how funny it was, so I went to the theatres (when it was in theatres). There is no plot, no comical dialogue (or acting for that matter), and this film does not offer anything to keep your attention. This movie will leave such a bad taste in your movie going mouth that you will have to stop at a video store after viewing this movie to find something that would reassure you that all movies aren't as bad as this one.
Napoleon Dynamite sucks ass, and the character Napoleon is a n00b.
by SuperSonicX September 17, 2005
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The worst piec of shit mobie i have ever seen in my life and i wish it would burn so that nobody will ever see it again. I hated it so much i changed my dogs name from napoleon to fuck napoleon
napoleon dynamite is a fag
by a movie viewer February 28, 2005
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A film that nearly all of the young American populace considers funny. (Aside from me) It the comedy didn't do it for me. I'm a fan of Monty Python and the old SNL, but I just didn't find it funny. The constant quoting and mimicking of the mannerisms of the main character are so abundant that I have come near punching the next person that says flipping and gosh in the same sentence.
I hate Napoleon Dynamite.
by shafticus March 07, 2005
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A movie that has always sucked. Not because it has been over-quoted big-time, but because it has no plot or interesting dialogue whatsoever. The movie has no point, except maybe to top Pulp Fiction in being the most misquoted movie ever. The difference is, Pulp Fiction doesn't suck.
Trendy movie-going idiot, circa 1994: Ya know what they call a quater-pounder with cheese in France? OMGlollolz
Trendy movie-going idiot, circa 2004: Gosh! Freakin' idiot! OMGlollolz
by Marky March 01, 2005
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napoleon dynamite is a retarded and over-quoted movie that was and is not funny. Most people say "Its hilarious after you see it!" No its not. It still sucks total ass. There is nothing hilarious about it. There are some subtle things that are semi-funny about his way of life that are funny if you live or have visited the area where he lives but it is still a waste of money, time, and thought. Will sadly live on forever due to the fact that fags will buy any thing with the napoleon dynamite name plastered on it (also see over-rated piece of shit)
fag:Vote for pedro! I love napoleon dynamite!!!11!1
normal person with a sense of what's funny: Go die in a forest fire
by Wakka Wakka Wakka November 30, 2006
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