63 definitions by vince

i person that will start sentence or a subject and then stop it right away or say "never mind"...sometimes with intenions to cause mental anguish or to provoke someone
person 1- wow, that hot chick really likes you. you should hear what she was saying
person 2- o yea, what was she saying
person 1- never mind
person 2- wtf, dont be a maller
by vince February 07, 2005
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roses the synonem to vagina
"i would go up that girl's roses" or outkast's song roses..."roses really smell like ohh oh oh" which means her vagina smells
by vince April 17, 2004
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A woman sexy enough that you would bite your fingernails hours after playing with her just to remember the experience.
"I can't wait until I can get home and taste my fingernails.
by vince January 14, 2004
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retarded ass movie that my friends said was good i said wtf as i broke the dvd
ryan knows what he is talking about he know good movies from bad ones
by vince March 30, 2005
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A world of fantasy we enter in our dreams. Metallica sung about it in their hit single, Enter Sandman.
"Exit light, enter night,
Take my hand, we're off to NeverNever Land!"
by vince May 17, 2004
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