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Jelly Bracelets are teenagers outlet to sexual frustrations and sickness. They have several meanings and some don't have meanings yet. Kids in my area make a vow to go by the bracelets when worn during school, or even just a normal outting. It's against ones will, to do something with someone they don't know, who snaps the bracelets. To some people they are just bracelets, but not in my area.
*Orange-kiss or outdoor sex
*Purple-kiss/anal sex/hug/oral sex/handjob
*Red-lapdance/fingering/oral sex(on a girl)/kiss
*Green-oral sex/make-out/hug/outdoor sex
*Clear-whatever the person who snapped it off wants
*Blue-oral sex/kiss
*Black-missionary sex/strip
*White-flash who snapped it off
*Glittery yellow-hugging & kissing
*Brown-toss my salad
*Glow-in-the-dark-use sex toys
*Pink-flash someone/make-out/kiss
*Glittery gold-make-out
by Nikki February 24, 2004
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OK i love jelly braclets! this is what some of them means at my skool.
brown oral sex
black the full montiy
blue makeout
purple hug and kiss
everyone in my school is trading these jelly braclets at school i think they are awesome! Lucky for me no boys snapped my braclets yet!
by Nikki February 29, 2004
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taking it up the @$$....like monogamy, but its not..a birth control substitute for sex
megan likes to have mens d*cks up her ass for pleasure...
by Nikki July 6, 2003
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Andy's been masturbating five or six times daily! What a fapfiend!
by Nikki July 16, 2004
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All of you people who call Paris Hilton anorexic, ugly, and a rich bitch are most likely fat, ugly, and poor...get a life and stop bitching about other people...
fat, ugly, poor person: "OMG did you see Paris Hilton? She is so ugly and looks like a stick...I would never do that rich bitch..."
by Nikki March 30, 2004
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Who my mom compares me to, because of the clothes i wear and how im shopping all the time, and because i can be the worlds biggest blonde.
"Nikki ur not paris hilton, u cant shop all the time!" ~ my mom
by Nikki April 19, 2004
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