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This is totally a mormon movie...although it's well hidden. How many people knew about preston idaho anywho (except us mormons!) I mean...the Ricks shirt he's wearing (Which is now BYU idaho by the way) is a helpful hint...and plus...the fact that there are no crude words or anything should give it away. Flippin' and Geez are Heck Yes are famous mormon phrases. WOOT WOOT FOR THE MORMONS! Also the fact that a young girl is forced to go to a dance with a boy she doesn't like...lol...often occurs in mormon culture. and vica versa...
"Hey Tina you fat lard come eat some dinner" (sorry that was the best part)
"Pedro offers his protection."
"There are much more where these(pictures)came from if you go to the dance with me"
by Nikki November 25, 2004
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2dope ur by far the fittest bloke on gods green earth!!!
c u in november shaggy 2 dope...
by Nikki October 1, 2003
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v. tr.

Bitch out, bitched out, bitching out, bitches out

To discontinue social obligations under false pretenses
"Preps bitched out! Grounded! Cut by mom!"
by Nikki June 2, 2004
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1. A word expressing overly amusement
2. A stronger "sweet"
"I wanna boink Nikki's Sweetanzy ass."
by Nikki March 22, 2003
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