1) The person is over reacting on the situation or moment.

2) On a lot of drugs seeing pretty colors in their room with small fuzzy little shrooms.

3) Ya hoe is messin around and you slapped dat bitch
1) "Bro stop trippin out it's just a fat blunt"

2) "duddeeeee whaat the fuckk man I'm trippin out why is the ceiling caving in.

3) "Bitch, why you trippin out you know I didn't fuck dat hoe
by Kashief February 26, 2008
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when u get so whacked that u star seeing thing or feeling really wierd
man i dont no about you but im really trippin out
by Tyrone March 11, 2005
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When fucked up on a drug, one starts to see things, hear things or feel things. The drugs one can trip out are: weed, shrooms, beans, cid and k.
Man, I just railed 3 beans, I'm trippin' out.
by Shawn Maglicic September 23, 2005
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