Adjective: When something is awesome enough to be judged "real big" by one or more observers. Can apply to an action, an item of clothing, a house, a car, or anything else deemed fly.
Homie #1: Damn, dude, check his Benz. He's got gold 24's and chrome hydraulics.

Homie #2: Shit. That's real big.
by D-tha M-B May 2, 2009
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to act real big and were an and1 hat with real big stitched on the back
hey real big hows ur new and1 hat
by denman March 22, 2004
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The act of being extremely fly, doing unexpected/extraordinary things. Going above and beyond, balling out of control. Doing it cars real big, house real big is having an excessive amount of panache. Doing it bigger than anyone already has.
OC, Last weekend I was with my boy Juicy J; he brought down seven girls for the two of us, and ten bottles for the night; everytime he throws it down, he's doin' it cars real big, house real big.

We be doin it cars real big, house real big, know what I'm saying? I just put that 52" flat screen on lock, got five kegs on their way, hired 10 strippers, and rented out the prezidential suite baby!
by oC PreZidential December 26, 2005
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To do something with excellence. To be one of the best at whatever it is you do
Jon: whats up with joey?

Kate: He's uptown doin' it real big at the jazzhouse.

(example 2)

Tom: Are you going to win the competition Saturday?

Mike: I'm gunna "do it real big" bro.

by tjamnz December 29, 2007
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To contradict the laws of physics by consuming more food in one sitting than should ever be possible.
You ate seven tacos, three burritos, four quesadillas, two pieces of pizza, five pieces of chicken, and still had room for nachos? You real big.
by koreiryuu August 25, 2009
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doing something very fun or very good. an activity that elicites excitement.
ohh boii we bout to go the YAY and do it REAL BIG LIKE!!
by ashley p April 3, 2005
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