No Assholes Allowed --- an unwritten rule about potential hires in some organizations, typically smaller outfits where everyone has to get along.

(Notably is NOT the rule at many law and finance firms, where being an asshole is considered essential.)
Yeah, he's qualified, but they'll never hire him, it'd violate their NAA policy.
by di$costew September 15, 2011
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If you can't be bothered to answer or you think it is effort to, then just put, Naa, or you could just be normal and answer! Anyway my YouTube channel is amazing! SoCaLLeD GaMeR
Someone: are you gonna come out tomorrow or what?

You: Naa.
by LeoDontWearItOut January 30, 2015
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77 years of life as of 6/28/2019
n. A sweet old grandma that can’t get mad at you! She’ll always be by your side no matter what!
I love you, Ammamma!
From, Kawsa :)
Happy birthday
Naa: boi boi
by Barbie and bob the builder January 27, 2019
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