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Acronym for, "nut sack licking." Referring to the act of getting your balls licked.
I hooked up with a girl last night and she gave me a nsl.
by Templeton/Ferguson January 04, 2009
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An acronym for Non-Sexual Lovers, which describes a special bond between a man and a woman (usually occurs between a gay man and a straight woman but there can be some exceptions to this rule). With NSLs there are no sexual feelings at all but a strong legitimate love, that is more than friendship.
"Are you and he dating?
"No, he's actually gay but we really love each other, in other words, we're NSLs"
by embel November 30, 2009
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An acronym for non-sexual love. This refers to a love which exists, but is in no way sexual.

This love can be love shared between family members, heterosexuals of the same sex, or even heterosexuals of different sexes. The only condition is that sexual intercourse is not an aspect of that love.

NSL is not limited to humans. NSL can be shared between a human and animal, and even a human and object.
Person #1: Hi, whats the haps?
Person #2: Not much
Person #1: OK then. See you later. NSL ya!
Person #2: NSL you too

Person #1: Hey Fido, I NSL you!
Fido: Woof
Person #1: OK

Person #1: Hey stapler, I NSL you!
Stapler: Click
Person #1: OK
by Matt C!!! April 03, 2007
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I love to kill my body with nicotine and tar but the idea of marijuana is morally and ethically wrong to me, or i have to take a drug tests at work. I belong to N.S.L.
by The Great Brandini July 10, 2008
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