Something users on Urban Dictionary cannot comprehend.
"Been on Urban Dictionary lately? You'll be lying if you haven't seen a Non-Sexual definition
by Muggly February 9, 2018
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Most things you search on Urbdic but like the word cheesecake it was sexualised
by Kayla Bayla June 16, 2021
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wow your so gay.... no actually i'm non-sexual

wanna go on a date... no i'm non-sexual
by E ballin and rich wall March 5, 2011
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A person that is neither girl or boy, and talks like a two year old. Also very immature. The same effect of the balls not dropping, exept there are no balls to drop. Sounds ten times girlier than Justin Beiber
v- 'Man, Jesse always talks like a girl!'
b- 'Maybe he's a Non-Sexual?'
by lalala. cookies(; January 20, 2010
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The way someone treats their significant other in powerful but not degrading way. This act is seen as endearing.
Non-sexual dominance is so cute-
“Come here, baby”
“Let me help you”
“Be careful”
“Come lay here, princess”
Sit on my lap, kitten”
Hold my hand while we’re out”
“Come cuddle”
He uses a lot of non-sexual dominance phrases when he speaks to his girlfriend.
by L8ersk8er December 26, 2019
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non sexual dominance is where the dominant exerts control over the submissive in ways that do not involve sexual intercourse or are based on sexual release or activities.

An example of non sexual dominance is where the dominant will schedule the submissives day, giving them directions on how to apply makeup or what clothing to wear. This does not have to be a parental control. One can also use dominance to inspire someone to finish a class in school they do not find easy to finish, to encourage someone to stop smoking, etc. Non sexual dominance is any form of consentual control where the primary goal is not sexual.
Her non sexual dominance made her a popular dominant for many straight women.
by TwistedFetische October 10, 2020
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When your boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with you but wants to keep everything else the same
Since I masturbate, I don't need to have sex with my girlfriend. Were now in a non sexual companionship
by ImAllGoodInTheHood September 3, 2018
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