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No reply

Used on snapchat when someone can't or won't reply to their streaks for whatever reason
Nr, swimming

(No reply, I am going swimming)

Nr, holiday

(No reply, I am going on holiday)

Nr, shopping

(No reply, I am going shopping)
by Rosierin August 07, 2017
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When NP gets impatient for a response from Nicolette he ims her and calls her NR which is his term of endearment for her.
by Deana Nicolette January 24, 2008
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Abbreviation in bidding terms for "No Reserve" which means: The winning bid will win the auction no matter what the end price is.
by Bruce Lee April 11, 2003
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An abbreviation for:

1: Not Really
2: No Rest
3: Not Required
4: No Reserve/No Reservations
5: North Ranch

Joe: Does it work?
Rachel: NR


Joe: Why do you look so tired?
Rachel: NR, college work sucks


Joe: WHAT?! My SSN?!
Rachel: Don't worry, it's NR


Joe: What happened? Why aren't you at the hotel?
Rachel: NR, forgot to book it, FML


Joe: NR girls are bitches
Rachel: HEY!
by MAXoverdrive August 24, 2010
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