United States Navy hull classification number for nuclear powered attack submarines. Meaning Submersible Self-propelled Nuclear.

The Navy's newest nuclear submarine, the USS North Carolina, has the hull number SSN 777.
by 7h0rn3 May 11, 2008
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means to: Switch Screename
brb, i need to ssn, too many ppl r botherin me on dis one
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Abbreviation for Socialist Slave Number, which mocks the social security number.
Why does every American have to have an SSN in order to get a fishing license to go fishing, to work, or practically anything else? This idea is rooted in socialist dogma and slavery in that the number is tantamount to "branding" people like cattle.
by Lieglord November 17, 2016
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short stack ninja: a poker term meaning a player who plays a small chip stack well
watch out for ( player ) he's a ssn.
by Tim bleen May 20, 2009
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"Saturday Steak Night". A adult party when you have friends over all knowing at some point everyone is going to get naked! Must be a Saturday night. All must be naked at some point of the night. And the rest you make up as you go!
"Hey everyone, SSN party at my house...Woo Hoo!!!"
by RAMMAN949 July 25, 2006
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Syrup Sippin Nigga.
One who Sips Syrup.
Syrup being any Prescription cough syrup.
containing Promethazine or Codeine.

The Female version would be

SSB which means Syrup Sippin Bitch.
Ima SSN, PPA (pill poppin animal)
Or how Lil Wayne says "Ima Syrup Sippin Nigga"
by DattKiddMark March 18, 2010
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